Saturday, 5 June 2010


Hello all.

Well i'm pleased to report that Aidan did a brilliant job covering me on Thursday. I had a brief lie-in before going into the park in time to catch the second show which I filmed. Because Thursday was a holiday in Germany the park was very busy, it felt strange to be up in the audience for a change but it was great to be able to see what the crowd see's.

During the 3rd show I sat right at the front with my camera but had to obey the no flash photography rule meaning all the photos are a bit blurry but nevermind. The funniest thing about the 3rd show were the groupies sat near to where I was who spent most of the time taking pictures of me... sitting there, watching the show. Groupies are funny.

So Yesterday was Friday, David Draves (one of the higher ups from mirage) had been back for a couple of days to monitor the shows progress. He watched the first show and then gave us a few notes on things that are yet to change. Most of the notes werent about us, they were more focused on some technical issues and the like. I've also been told that they'll be recording a new line for me to clear up a mildly confusing part of the show.

We also got payed yesterday so a small handful of us and people from the other stunt show in the park all went to the Irish bar in the local (ish) shopping centre.m I took it easy knowing that we'll have big crowds again today and tumbling hungover isn't very fun at all.

That's all for now, will update again soon :-)


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