Sunday, 20 June 2010


Alright readers.

So yesterday my parents came to visit me. Was great to see them, we went to a few places around the local area and had a general catch up. They're in the park today and have watched 2 of the 3 shows so far, should have some good photos and footage.

So as for the shows:

Show 1 highlights: All started off well until Gambit struck the CO2 cannister on the back of one of the mutants, it sheared a valve at the head of the cannister and the entire contents began to spray violently from the top, causing the guy to trip forwards and graze his knee. He was very lucky in my opinion, if that CO2 had been spraying his skin then he'd have ended up with serious burns. Anyways, he's ok but is taking the rest of the day off.

Show 2 highlights: A very successful show actually, little bit of audience reaction when Magneto came on stage which is always good. No technical or pyro faults and no performer errors either, lets hope this last one will be just as good!


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