Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Post number 40.

Hello all.

Well yesterday was quite funny. Our first show began at 1:15 and started off as per usual, however about 7 minutes in a noticed from my backstage position that the lighting was wrong, we were in pitch black and i could see that the lights weren't running to their usual programme. Just as i was climbing down the ladder to see what was going on the wholw show stopped and i heard our lead technician over the mic announcing that the show would have to be cancelled due to technical reasons. So I didn't even make it on stage in the first show :-P

Show two ran normally and was free from any disasters but we'd all been in since 11:45 and without doing the first show the energy levels werent particularly high, but still, it went fine and we were told the sound issues wouldnt happen again.

Today has the same show schedule and the audience will be arriving in 10 minutes so im off.

Catch you later people.


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