Thursday, 3 June 2010

Good morning.

Hello readers.

Well today is my first official day off, in about half an hour Aidan will be performing as Cyclops and I might start thinking about getting out of bed. Yesterday we did 2 shows with our back-up Magneto, they were pretty disasterous, in the first show his costume pants wouldn't stay up, for literally the whole show. We were all doing our best not to burst out laughing but had to remain a little bit proffesional. Also, he didn't know his lines or his blocking making it harder for the rest of us to perform like we usually do. Anyway, the second show was a bit better but I think everyone will be glad to have Phil back today.

Last night a few of us went to the local Brauhaus for "Die Party", pronounced "dee party". We didn't know what to expect since there's a lot of middle-aged and elderley people in Kirchhellen but by the time we went inside the room was full and the average age looked a lot lower than we'd thought. Beer was very cheap so we all had a few drinks whilst occassionally dancing. Was a fun night :-)

So here I am at home, I'm probably going to Rollerskate into work shortly as I really want to see Aidan as Cyclops plus i've never seen the show from the audience before, will be taking my camcorder in to film the results.

Speak to you all soon folks.


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