Friday, 11 June 2010


Alright folks.

I had yesterday off so had a very lazy day at home, did go to the top of a massive hill in Bottrop which has a massive lookout structure, you can see all the towns and cities around here, it was pretty cool.

We've only got one show today as the park are playing host to the Shrek 4 premiere tomorrow and they're using our theatre. They're expecting a lot of people so they're having to prepare our theatre this afternoon, hense only one show at 1.15.

Tomorrow is a day off for everyone so we'll probably end up going somewhere tonight for a drink or two, tomorrow as i'm sure you know, is England first world cup game so again we'll be going to a bar or something to watch. Will be interesting to see who the Germans are cheering for, hopefully they like us a bit more than the States :-P I dread to think how it's going to be in England have to play Germany at any point!

We're implementing a few changes into the show again, Matt from Sigma services is fixing our rotating car and Storm now gets to stand on the rising bridge, we're also tweaking the end so that the audience know when to clap, it's a bit awkward at the moment.

Weather continues to be a mix of pouring rain and glorious sunshine meaning varied Audiences but the show is still going well and every crowd seems to enjoy it so all is well.

That's it for now folks. More updates soon.


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