Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Alright everyone.

Well it's been an un-exciting week so far, lots of rain during the mornings has left us with very few people in the Audeince. We're still down to 2 shows a day except for weekends and holidays so the workload is pretty decent.

It was Amanda's (one of the yank girls) birthday on Monday so we all went to tyhe local biker bar and resteraunt and had a nice meal and plenty of drinks. Was good fun :-)

No show disasters of recent, we have a guy from Sigma (fx people) working on some of the broken effects aat the moment so the show is nearing completion. We still have some changes due to be made, I've been given some more lines but they havent been edited into the soundtrack yet. Just been told that we'll be rehearsing at some point tomorrow. The end of the show needs tweaking too, at the moment the audience dont really know when to clap which makes it awkward for us on stage, standing looking like lemons :-P

So that's about it for now, hopefully we'll have 2 good runs today despite the small audeinces, if anything happens i'll let you know!


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