Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday, sunday, sunday.

Hello folks.

I realised the other day that all the times on my blog posts are all messed up so please ignore them. It's currently about 3:30pm on Sunday and we've just finished show 1 of 2. A lot of the new changes have been applied but with that has come a few technical difficulties. Yesterday we were off due to the Shrek premiere, turns out that in order for the cinema screen to be put up our stage had been completely ravaged and many of our on stage props had been taken down. Consequently this mornings technical run through highlighted that loads of effects weren't working anymore. We were told that if the show was going too badly they'd pull the plug and cancel it. So the show began and started off ok, up until my entrance, whereupon i stepped out on the balcony and it fell immediatly leaving me awkwardly poised by my lampost trying to shoot the laser. I managed to scrape it together and rode the lampost successfully. However it became quickly apparant that the entire sound track was far too quiet and we struggled to hear our audio queues for the rest of the show. I've also had 2 lines added into the show and wasn't told what they were so i had to face away from the audience and try to blag it. I've got the new lines sat in front of me now and am doing my best to commit them to memory but it's not easy.

So the next show is in an hour and a quarter, hopefully some of the technical issues will have been resolved but we may be in for another trying run.

Here's hoping for the best!


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