Friday, 25 June 2010

Ay 'up.

Afternoon all.

Well it's Friday and also my day off so hopefully the shows are running well today.

Not too many disasters to report on since the incident with the CO2 tank. Wednesday was the first time that Gareth played Magneto and he did very well considering he hasnt had to play that part for 5 weeks or so.

World cup fever is still very prevolent here, Phil, Gareth and myself went to a little bar to watch the Germany game that would determine if they would be playing England this week. It was quite funny trying to act inconspicuous as we got very excited every time Ghana looked as if they would score, fortunately I dont think anyone noticed us and as it turned out Germany will face England on Sunday. We're not busy when the game kicks off but we have our last show of the day at half time, we're expecting a very small audience indeed but will be able to run up to the green room in time to catch most of the second half. It's going to be pretty bad if England lose as we wont hear the end of it from all the techies and crew but hey-ho, maybe we'll win and can gloat at them for a while!

So back to work tomorrow and the usual weekend schedule of 3 shows a day, the weather has been brilliant recently but as a result we come home exhausted every day, still, it's good practice for the high season which looms ever closer!

Will update you all again after the weekend unless anything spectacular happens In which case i'll update sooner!


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