Sunday, 6 June 2010

Show highlights, weekend.

Alright everyone so i'll start where i left off with Saturdays shows:

Show 3 highlights: all was going well until Gambits entrance whereupon he proceed to spin his stick and launch it across the stage (it was bound to happen sometime) there was a ripple of pity from the audience and Aidan ran to retrieve the stick just in time for the flame throwers to go off. A bit later on in the show one of the CO2 guns failed to work causing a bit of a plot hole in the script but hey :-P

So onto today...

Show 1 highlights: About 5 minutes from the end of the show we were plunged into darkness, however all special effects and sound kept going so we carried on with the show (pretty difficult for me especially as i can hardly see with the Cyclops goggles as it is!) Later we found out that the lighting programming had decided to skip back to the very beginning of the show where only the stage curtain is lit.

Show 2 highlights: Not too much to report on the show we just did except the CO2 gun i use at the end of the show had been leaking throughout and by the time i picked it up there was gas erupting out of the thing. Still got to shoot Magneto with it though so no problems :-)

Show three coming up soon. We're about due a show with no errors at all!


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