Friday, 13 August 2010


Hello my neglected blog.

So still not many things out of the ordinary are occuring here, we've had less cancelled shows over the last few weeks. Unfortunatelt though a few days ago my collapsing lamppost stunt was condemned by the park maintanence crew as the hinges have finally given up the ghost (we all saw this coming due to the flimsy nature of the metal that had been used), problem is no-one knows when it'll be fixed so for now it's been secured in the upright position and instead of falling towards the crowd i simply slide down it. Boring i know but there is no other way down from the balcony where I make my entrance.

In a couple of weeks Jason (Wolverine) returns to England for about a week for his brothers wedding. This leaves the rest of us with no days off until his return so it's going to be a tough finish to the high season. After that though we're into September which sees the park closing for 3 days a week for the 2nd, 3rd and last week of the month. This is when many people are going travelling and sight-seeing, the two American girls have booked themselves a trip to good old England and Phil (Magneto) has also booked some foreign adventures. I'm personally looking forward to September as my Brother and Sister-in-law are coming out to visit which is great. I wont be leaving Germany in this time but might get the chance to explore a bit more of it :-)

Anyways, thats a few weeks away yet so for now we're knuckling down and keeping the 3 shows a day pace. I'm going to a gig in Oberhausen tomorrow to see Slade, that should be fantastic :-D

Till next time!


Sunday, 8 August 2010

Rainy Day Post.

Alright everybody.

So its been a good few days, we were celebrating just the other night as Ocean, cheif Shaolin, became the father of a little boy back in China :-) Both Mum and Child are fit and well and Ocean can't wait to go home and see him! So yeah, we had a massive party it was the first time we've really socialised all together, the Chinese guys often say they can't afford to go to bars etc with us so it was nice to party in the house and generally get along with each other. I'm sure some photos will emerge that a few of us may regret, it was a good party!

Currently we have Brad (one of the high-ups for Mirage) and a film crew recording the shows and tomorrow we expect to film some special shots inbetween the shows. Mirage always manage to put a good looking promo-reel together so I look forward to seeing what they do with the footage they've collected so far plus tomorrows activities whatever they may be.

high season continues to provide us with large Audiences most of the time, the weather has become quite unpredictable with heavy showers and storms between bright sunshine and blue skies, people never seem to be deterred from visiting the park though, didn't realise it was such a popular attraction.

That about wraps it up for now, soon i'll be able to tell you about the filming we're doing tomorrow and what extra stunts or fight scenes we might be required to do!


Thursday, 5 August 2010

good morning.

Hello all.

So on Tuesday I went to the Kung Fu class that our Shaolin monks have been running at the park. It was an intense workout and i'm seriously feeling the effects on my muscles but I intend to keep going and getting my stamina etc up :-)

Shows have had a few glitches lately, just the usual things like the flame grill not working. The show had definitely had an air of consistency to it these last few weeks which is a good thing. High season continues to give us big audiences, particularly the second show each day. A few days ago we filled the theatre and people were being turned away at the entrance, first time thats happened!

We have some mirage representatives in Germany at the moment, they came to watch the shows yesterday but I dont know if they'll be suggesting any more changes to the show or if they're just keeping an eye on the progress we've made.

Right I must dash, have been a bit lazy with the blog recently but i'll try and fix that in the next week or so and keep you up to date!