Friday, 18 June 2010

Easy Friday.

Alrighty. So today was second Friday in a row where we only had one show. The show time was 1.15, fifteen minutes before Germany kicked off their second world cup match so we were expecting a tiny audience, we were however quite surprised to see an avergae amount of people for a weekday so put on a good show. Just before curtain up Aidan (Gambit) and i had a little boxing sparr, not uncommon, but this time he managed to give me the perfect dead-arm and right up until my entrance i could hardly lift it. Somehow managed to muddle through without wiping out in the tumbles, must get him back for that! :-P

So tomorrows a day off for everyone due to a dance competition in the theatre, tonight we'll be watching the England game at Aidans appartment then going for a few celebratory/conselation beers in Dorsten. My parents arrive in Germany tonight and will be picking me up tomorrow to spend the day together, will be good to see them :-)

Next update might be sometime Sunday which, i should imagine, will be a busier day with 3 shows on the schedule. See you then!


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