Monday, 28 June 2010


Oh dear, goodbye England from the world cup, going to be annoying putting up with all the smug Germans, at least until Friday when they get beaten by Argentina!

So the weekend went fine, a couple of glitches in the shows but nothing serious. Huge audiences on Saturday afternoon, maybe the biggest since we opened which is always good for us on stage.

Back to the usual 2 shows today, the weather is really playing a part now as it's been so hot, having to be very careful about running the risk of dehydration and exhaustion but we get plenty of time to rest and recover between shows so we're all taking it easy.

Not much else to report except I seem to have aquired a groupie, added her on Facebook because we had some friends in common but it turns out she is just a crazy fan and is emailing me saying she wants to talk after the shows, signs all her emails "Your Jacqueline". It's quite funny in a creepy sort of way so that's my entertainment for the week!

Til next update!


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