Monday, 19 April 2010


Well hello blog.

Things have taken a weird turn here. Everything has been postponed, mainly due to the airports being shut, until Friday. We can't get performers or stage equipment here and the opening date of the show has been pushed back. Our director has gone back to England for the time being and we've been left to fend for ourselves.

So as for updates there's not really anything to say. We've checked out a bit more of the local area and have just returned from a big lake near here. It's going to be perfect in the summer as the waters great for swimming and there's plenty of barbeque friendly areas.

We're planning to go to Fantasialand in the next couple of days, it's a theme park in Colone where many of the guys here have worked before and there's currently a stunt team out there who would love to hang out with us. We've been given petrol money for our mini-van so road trips are quite high on our to-do list.

Admittedly we're all a bit annoyed that we're not doing anything as all of us have jobs back home and we could be earning money instead of spending it but there ya go.

As always i'll keep you posted on whatever goings on may happen but this hasn't turned out to be the exciting venture i thought it would... not yet anyhow.

My love to all of you back home.


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