Thursday, 22 April 2010

Passing the time.

Hello again Blog.

Well yesterday we all visited Phantasialand (which i have apparantly been spelling wrong). Thanks to our work passes for MoviePark (which everyone had been refering to as Movieworld...) we got in for free and spent the morning checking out the rides, of which there were some awesome ones! We also stumbled across a Chinese acrobat show which I have some video of and will try to upload it soon.

After that we went to see the Stunt Show that so many of the people here have worked in before, it's currently under the name "Street Extreme" and you can find it on youtube. After the show was over we met the cast, which was esentially a reunion for a lot of people however it was the first time i'd met the people who feature so heavily in stories of days gone by working in Germany. We all left the park and sat in a little outdoor foodery, we drank lots of beer and chatted for a long time before we go invited back to one of the performers houses. Once we were there we continued to drink lots of beer and people remenisced and swapped stories for the whole evening. Eventually though it was time to leave so we said our farewells and all of the Phantasialand cast said they would love to come and see our show when it finally opens.

So a much less boring day yesterday, our rehearsals have now been pushed back even further to Monday so we have 4 more days of tedium to go.

Until then folks!


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