Thursday, 29 April 2010

I make it blog o'clock.

Alright people, time for an update.

As previously mentioned things are definitely going up in terms of recent productivity. We spent the day walking through the whole show with the accompanying soundtrack. I also have my first fight sequnced choreographed, it consists of backflicks, somersaults, free cartwheels, a wallflip, handsprings and lots of kicks and punches. Looks pretty awesome if i do say so myself! However my hands are pretty bruised from tumbling on a solid wooden floor, even more worrying considering when we're doing the show i will be tumbling on solid concrete, better toughen up by then!

Tomorrow after rehearsals we're going to Woodpeckers American Bar and to be honest we're planning on getting a little tipsy to say the least. I think we have definitely earned it this week though, plus we've finally received some money and news from home says I've got my last cheque from Frimley Park hospital. Drinks are on me!

Tomorrow might also see the arrival of our costumes. Some of you may have seen the one i wore in Jakarta, this time they are meant to be slightly different so i'm really looking forward to looking less like a Thunderbird! (Fingers crossed anyhow.)
On Monday we'll be meeting our Italian Director, we can only hope that all the things we've choreographed will be up to his standard (he doesn't really have a say in our fight scenes but will probably give us instruction about stage movement and things like that. Hope he's used to the attitude of Stuntmen!)

I may treat you all to a hungover update on Saturday but there probably wont be much to say as we have the day off!

Till then!


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