Friday, 9 April 2010

Day 3.

Alright everyone.

So we've been here a couple of days now and since there's nothing else to be doing I took a little wander around this small town of Kirchhellen.

The weather is fantastic today, summer is well and truly on its way.

The main purpose of my little walk was to buy some dinner, I was quite surprised to find an Aldi in the town and consequently found it to be the cheapest place for food so tonight i shall feast on pasta and Bologneise!

We're still awaiting instruction regarding the show, it may be a few days yet before we even visit the Park where the show is being performed. There is talk of using this time to visit another theme park, Fantasialand, as many of the performers here know the cast of the stunt show over there. It would be nice to see a bit of the show that I've heard many stories about.

I'm aware that there are a few of you now reading this blog, please feel free to leave me some comments (I dont know if you have to sign up to blogger for that, probably not!) I'd love to hear from you all to stop me going completely insane at the moment. Very glad I've got so many films etc on my Laptop to keep me entertained.

That's all for now really, hopefully over the weekend i'll have some more exciting things to talk about!


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