Sunday, 11 April 2010

Day 5

Alrighty then!

So it's the last day of boredom before we actually get to do something! Hooray!

Went for a long walk earlier and felt quite bad when a car pulled over and asked me for directions to Movie Park, not only did I feel bad because my German was only good enough to tell them that I can't speak it and also that I dont know how to get there yet myself. So yeah, emabarrasing.

The weathers taken a turn for the worse, it's now freezing cold and threatening to rain, which is a shame because looking out the window last night i realised that there are so many good areas for parkour round here! I promise you i'll start filming some soon. I've only taken 2 photos so far as i've found nothing to be photo-worthy, will take the camera with me tomorrow though.

As Dan has pointed out in his comments, this isnt a very exciting blog for a Stuntman but i'm working on it, trust me it's hard to make life sound exciting at the moment but just you wait, i've heard that there are going to be 4 high powered air-ramps in the show which will be launching people onto the stage. There's also a collapsing tower and from what the others have told me, plenty of potential for high falls etc so give it time!

That's all for now folks, tomorrows the important day, will let you know how it was when i get the chance :-)

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