Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Day 7

Hallo there.

Today was quite productive, we spent the morning brushing up on our Acro and visualising how the show itself is going to run. First off we unloaded some more of set from the storage container, a job which was eventually taken over by the American and German stage hands. After that it was a case of establishing just what gymnastic skills we would be able to put in the show, Cyclops has the potential to do the most Acrobatic stuff as it seems to go better with the character; Wolverine is a much more brutal fight, Gambit has a staff to work with and Nightcrawler doesn't get the chance to do much fighting in the script.

I haven't really done any training since the last show (the odd backflick and somersault combo on the Royal Holloway field doesn't exactly count) so it was reassuring to know I can still pull it off when necessary. I also learnt a couple of new tricks involving a supported no-handed cartwheel combo and a running Gainer (this is used when a character gets clotheslined by someone and does a 3 quarter roation into front support). This was all made a bit harder due to a lack of padded flooring, but hey, were tought Stunt guys so what the hell.

Tomorrow will involve putting these skills into some fight sequences, we can only do so much without the set to work around but transfering what we come up with onto the stage will be quicker than waiting for the stage to be finished.

That's about it for now, I'll keep you all posted with any other news :-)

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