Saturday, 10 April 2010

Day 4

Hello world.

Well last night the entirity of the cast so far went to a pub across the road from where we're staying, it was very nice and the locals found it quite amusing to have a load of English people around (no-one mentioned the war...)

We were taken to a big mall this morning (despite hangovers) I got myself a cheap German phone and bought a Subway (against my usual fast food morals) but it certainly cured the hangover :-P

We've been told that on Monday we're going to the park to get our official work passes and to do a little rehearsing, hooray!

Accommodation continues to cause a few problems, we lost our hot water in the Kitchen yesterday and our showers only have 2 temperatures, freezing and scalding, I think baths might be the way forward there. Good news is one of the other characters in the show has already been house hunting and says there are some good double bedroom places for around the same cost that we're paying now so in a few weeks we could be settling in somewhere else. Phil (magneto) says it's commonplace for the cast to befriend workers from the park and pay to stay with them (very few people own properties in Germany, it's mostly done by renting) so that could be cool.

Anyways, i'm going to spend the rest of the weekend lying around watching movies on my laptop, or if the weathers nice, wander round Kirchhellen a bit more, see how far I can get without getting lost :-)

If I don't update again soon rest assured that the next time i do i'll be able to tell you all about the park and the show (i'm assuming we'll see some scripts soon).

Until then! Bye!

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