Sunday, 23 May 2010

So here we go.

Hi folks, time to let you know the recent news.

So after our press release day we were given Saturday and most of today off, this was mainly due a to a national cheerleading competition being held in our theatre... weird no? So after some R&R we trudged back into the set today to discover that the cheerleading was still going on, i.e, running late.
After a 2 hour wait we were finally able to get rehearsing on the elements of the show that needed changing after our performance to the press. As a result i'm sat here at 1am, 7 hours before i need to get up to go to the set for our first public performance day.

Tomorrow is a holiday in Germany so the park will be packed, also, there is a lot of hype about the show after we appeared in loads of newspapers with some very good reviews so we're expecting a full house :-)

I think that'll do for now, I definitely need my rest before tomorrow and should hopefully have the internet again by midweek. Wish me luck!!!


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