Thursday, 27 May 2010

Holy Smokes Blogman

Hey guys.

So today was day 4 of shows, we're still definitely hammering out the dents but overall things are going well.

Recent incidents include the soundtrack starting 5 minutes early and messing up the lighting for the show, CO2 guns running out of gas, the flame grill refusing to fire and the odd effect malfunctioning. These things are to be expected I guess!
We're currently the only show running three times a day in the park as we're the latest attraction and have been in all the papers, however the park is pretty quiet on weekdays and after a while we may see the show cut down to twice daily.

We're still doing rehearsals between shows as the cover people are starting to learn their alternative roles. So far our back up Gambit has done some shows as has our back-up Wolverine and one of the mutants. Hopefully soon my cover will be able to let me have some shows off so I can sit in the audience and get a perspective of the show that i wouldn't normally see.

Outside of the show life is going alright, the sleepy town of Kirchhellen plays host to some upcoming parties which will be great as very little goes on here. Our little group of performers tend to be the noisiest people in any bar we go to but the locals here seem entertained by us foreigners and we've had no trouble (stunt teams living in Kirchhellen in the past have been known to cause a few problems :-P)

Tonight we return to our favourite watering hole, the Brauhaus, as Gareth's girlfriend who has been visiting for the last few days is leaving tomorrow morning, any excuse for a drink basically! Depending on just how much we consume and how early we get back I may update later this evening.

Till then ya'll.


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