Tuesday, 25 May 2010

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Hello all.

Well as you know we opened the show yesterday, properley this time! Our first Audience was very busy, there's been so much hype about us since we got here and we finally had a chance to impress. Thankfully we put on the best show so far, it felt great and the crowd loved it. However, show number 2 began to have technical difficulty about 15mins into it and by the end nothing was working, not even the sound track. Luckily our tech guy in the sound booth came over the microphone and apologised to the audience (who had probably guessed that things had gone wrong)and told them to come back for the 3rd show. During the meet and greet loads of people asked us what effects they had missed and when we told them they all seemed really keen to come back to see the third.
The third show had the biggest audience yet, unsurprisingly, and like the 1st show it went pretty well.

In the evening our director (also my agent) took all his agency employees out for some drinks which was great, he'd worked incredibly hard over the last few weeks and thanked us for our hard work too. He drove back to England today and we wont see him until the end of the season.

So onto today. Show number one was a bit awkward as we had new people controlling the lighting (which is on an automated system, like pressing play on a cd player) he was a bit nervous and as a result we ended up with the lighting que's 5 minutes ahead of the soundtrack but hey, he was new and these things happen. The second and third shows went smoothly and once again the audiences were fantastic.

So this is really where we settle in, our covers are beginning to try their hand at the shows by doing one a day, it may be a few days before I get to sit in the audience as my cover plays Gambit but also covers Wolverine. It's probably more important that he learns Wolverine first as he has much more to do on stage than I. When I do finally get to watch the show i'll record the whole thing. No chance to upload thigs yet as i'm still using this bloody USB stick which doesn't tolerate such things.

But hey, there's many a month to go so i'm sure when I do get to upload videos they'll be of a high standard! Hope everyone reading this is well and you're enjoying the updates.

Ciao for now!


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