Thursday, 13 May 2010


Hello blog.

Well today has been a perfect mixture of good and bad.

Lets start with the good shall we?
So this afternoon we turned up for rehearsal and I was told that after many teething problems my collapsing lamp-post was ready to be tried out again. So after discussing the logistics of what I would be doing I tried it out and it's fantastic. Basically I stand atop a balcony and fire my laser eyes at Magneto, narrowly missing him. He then takes aim at the balcony and using his powers begins to destroy it, firstly a lot of pyrotechnics go off and then the entire thing hinges down (done with pnuematics). As the balcony falls I swing onto a nearby lamp-post which triggers it to fall down towards the stage. It's tied off with a rope disguised as a cable so that it doesn't go all the way to the ground and just as it stops moving I jump to the floor and proceed to kick some bad guy ass. I was very satisfied with how that went.

Now for the bad news...
After having sent off a list of edits that needed to be made to the soundtrack we finally received the new version only to discover that it's been made very different indeed. Music has been cut, changed, added and altered and even more frustrating nearly all my lines have changed. This leaves me in the posistion of having to hammer all the old lines out of my head (and i was getting damn good at them) and re-learn the new ones with only 5 days of rehearsal left. As for everyone else, well a lot of their lines have changed too, some considerably. So we now have to spend some time re-choreographing the parts where the music has altered whilst trying to learn where our new lines have been slotted in.

But hey, those are the cards we've been dealt and to stand around complaining would just waste more time at this stage so we persevere. Tomorrow we are having a German lesson with one of the tech guys to ensure that we understand our new lines as well as learning to speak them correctly, hopefully it won't take too long and we can get back to practicing all the stunts that are in the show. Speaking of which, we're now able to do run throughs with abseiling mutants, abseiling Wolverine, my lamp-post stunt, a mutant running up a building at high speed and another stunt where Nightcrawler runs up a ladder only to have Magneto rip it from the wall and falls nearly to the ground.

So I remain positive and still look forward to the opening of the show. 5 Days and counting!

That's about it for now guys, speak to you soon!


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