Sunday, 9 May 2010

Ooh, me aching bones...

Hello blog readers.

Well today was another long one. We came into the set at 2pm to have an official costume fitting so we could make any changes. My costume is a lot different from last time and not particularly flattering, but I suppose I shouldnt expect much when playing a spandex clad superhero. Only a few adjustments needed for mine so I can imagine we'll be rehearsing in them soon. Only 10 days left until opening now!

We then spent the rest of the day working through every scene in the show and trying to improve our acting skills, it's turning out to be a very long process and i'm beginning to think that we should be focusing on the pyrotechnics etc so we're safe on the stage when all the effects go off. Still, acting is important as our performances need to be convincing, there's a lot of dialogue in the show so we cant just rely on the action sequences to keep the audiences attention.

So here I am at almost 11pm, not been home for long but we probably wont be in until the afternoon tomorrow, time for a well earned glass of whiskey with the rest of the cast I think!

Hopefully soon i'll be able to let you know about the stunts in the show, going to be a couple of veeery long days when we get to that stage as we're teaching Shaolin monks to abseil!

Until then everyone!


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