Monday, 17 May 2010


Well hello blog readers.

What an insane few days it's been since my last update, let me fill you in.

So after discovering that our new soundtrack was very different to the one we'd been rehearsing to we spent a long time re-choreographing a lot of the show, with reasonable success. We also watched a lot of Pyro and FX testing which all looked pretty cool, however, our Italian director Angelo left yesterday and we were immediatly gathered together in front of the producer, our fight director and the writer of the script, who has been here for a few days now. They told us that the show needed some drastic changes (to which the cast all agreed) and that those 3 would be our directing team until the show opens. So we started, essentially, from scratch; keeping most of the character blocking (their stage movements) but completely re-working the acting styles, some of the fights and the general vibe of the show.

So after busting a gut yesterday we had started to make improvements. The X-Men characters are now much more realistic to how they appear in the comics (bearing in mind that the shows are based on the comics, not the movies). Today we finished re-doing every last dead-spot in the show and believe me there were a lot of them. Myself, Aidan and Phil (Gambit and Magneto) stayed behind to assist with the lighting, we thought we'd be in for an all nighter but ended up leaving sometime around 10pm much to our relief (especially since we were in at 10am)

So tomorrow is crunch time, it's our last day before opening which means we'll be running the show with full costume, pyro, visual Fx and sound effects. We'll be running it many times over until we're happy with every last scene. It's going to be a really long one and to be honest i'm already feeling the strain since we havent had a day off for 2 weeks or so, nevertheless we all know that we have to commit fully to doing the best we can so we can put on a show on Wednesday that we all feel proud of.

On Wednesday night we're being taken out for a staff meal as a reward for our efforts so my next update will be later in the week. Wish me luck folks! Hopefully i'll be able to tell you all how well it went soon :-)

Till then readers.


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