Thursday, 27 May 2010

part 2.

So i figure i should use my last remaining internet hours to update. I could be without web access for a few days until we get a wireless router installed in our green room.

So we went to the Brauhaus tonight, just a small handfull of us. It was good fun, as soon as we walked in and ordered our round we noticed the big boss of the park sat with some important looking poeple, shortly after that he came over to us and said hi and told us the first round was on him which was a very generous and well received surprise. We spent the night talking about how things were going and swapping stories of shows gone by. This happens a lot, there's a lot of history in the live-action stunt show industry and it's all quite closely knit. I hope that sometime in the future i'll meet some of the people who seem to be the focus of these stories.

So here I am a few pints later, very sleepy and looking forward to another day of shows tomorrow, who knows, in a couple of days i could be in the audience watching Aiden (my cover and the lead Gambit) doing my role. Will be nice to put my feet up!

Speak to you when I can people.


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