Monday, 31 May 2010

Live from the X-Men Green room.

Hello folks. I sit here now with my laptop in the green-room at the studio. Our first show today is at 1.15 and then we do another one at 4.15. This is definitely a good thing, 3 shows a day when there's not much audience is a bit draining. The weekend was good though, Saturday had big audiences for all 3 shows and Sunday would have been the same but the rain came down pretty hard for most of the afternoon.

We've been given an official rota for the next 4 weeks, we've been given designated days off (mine being Thursday) so that we dont all work a 7 day week. My cover guy is yet to try my role but he's been in the show as another character and gets to see a lot of what i do, plus he knows all my lines so hopefully it wont take long to pass the Cyclops torch.

There havent been many more mishaps in the show since my last update, however, yesterday part of the set was broken when two foam barrels that fly up in the air during a big pyro effect came down right on the lip of a balcony, sending fibre glass and wood all over the stage. When we came down for the next show there was a very strong smell of glue coming from the stage :-p Surprisingly, normally everything in this business is fixed with Duct tape!

Anyways, on to the next shows, the park doesn't look too quiet considering it's a Monday so hopefully we'll have some enthusiastic audiences.

Cyclops awaaaaay!!!

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