Saturday, 10 July 2010

Me and my big mouth.

Well I think I officially jinxed that show, after saying how we'd been trouble-free for some time.

At the end of the show when the snow and rain machines are going, Gambit throws down his stick and 3 huge plumes of fire erupt from 3 manholes in the stage. However, in the last show we noticed that one wasn't shooting any fire up, instead it was just swirling around and when the other 2 shut off the hole remained burning. A brief moment of "uh-oh" occured before Aidan and myself grabbed both Co2 guns and used them as impromptu fire-extinguishers, succesfully putting out the blaze. It's strange, this is my 3rd stunt show ever but the second time that I've had to put out a fire on stage.

Now the main problem we have is that it looks like this was not an accident. There has been talk of Sabotage flying around the park for a while now and we feel we've been the victim of many accidents that just can't have been fluke incidents. There is currently an investigation going on to get to the bottom of this but every time we go on stage now I worry about everyones safety, the people rappelling from the ceiling, those who stand by pyro-technics, everything has potential to be very dangerous especially if it's being tampered with.

As it stands we will be doing the 3rd show today but without the flame jets. Particularly annoying since there are lines in the show about using the fire but what can we do? It's all pre-recorded and the park dont want us cancelling shows.

Certainly hope this is resolved soon, will keep you up to date with any developments.


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