Friday, 23 July 2010

Day off update,

Hello all, so todays my day off and therefore a good time to update!

We've recently lost internet in our greenroom hense my lack of regular updates, hopefully we should get it back soon.

So yeah, we're well into our high-season routine now. 3 shows a day as standard, on the weekends we're on standby to do 4 or more, it hasnt happened yet but you never know. The shows remain pretty consistant, recently though we had a show where the biggest moving part of our set (the "iron" bridge that Storm arrives on) failed to work. What's meant to happen is that she appears, fires a few lightning bolts at Magneto who then lifts the bridge about 8 feet up and tips her off it. It's quite a long procedure, about 15 seconds for the bridge to raise and tilt. Not too long you may be thinking but when the bridge doesn't work it felt like an eternity before we could move on with the show. Anyway, turns out it hadn't been plugged in... nice.

So today I finally got round to opening a German bank account with the help of one of my new German friends from the other Stunt Show in the Park. When I asked if there was anything I could do in return she said "well today I play the girl out of the audience role and I need a pretend boyfriend to sit with". Normally she just asks someone from the audience as they walk in but she says it's always easier if it's someone you know. So I agreed and we went into the park. Met her at the beginning of the show and about 10 minutes in they call for a "volunteer" and she gets selected. She's then asked if she's here with anyone and she points at me and I get told "say goodbye to your girlfriend!" Everybody laughs and the pretence is a good one. That is until people sitting near me start asking questions along the lines of "is she part of the team?" and many things in German. People did get a bit suspiscious when I told them i was English but it becomes pretty obvious it's all a setup when she starts doing dangerous stunts on stage :-p

So that was fun, didn't actually go see the x-men show, the one time I did sit in the audience I was plagued by some of the regular audience members who kept taking photos of me, didn't really fancy doing that again.

Anyway, that about covers it for now, we're on a slightly different schedule for the weekend so im going to chill out for the rest of the day and make sure i'm well rested for then.

Catch you later!


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