Tuesday, 13 July 2010

and recently...

Hello all, just a brief detailing of the last few shows for you...

As far as I recall Sunday wasn't too bad. I do recall that in one show one of the CO2 guns wasn't working from early on, it was the important gun as well, the one thats used by Gambit to give the other X-Men their powers back. During the show we were exchanging advice to see if we could get it working but to no avail, so about halfway through the show I heard Aidan say "i'll use the other one". Now the other one is left on the wrong side of the stage so like a pro Aidan ran over and left his staff on the ground in time to spray the X-Men with it. A couple of minutes later I go over to where Gambit had left the staff and think "oh blimey, he's going to need this in a bit" so I casually pick it up and throw it to him. Pretty good improvisational skills dont you think? So yeah that was Sunday.

Yesterday we awoke to another scorching hot day but about 10 minutes before the audience were due to be let in the theatre the sky became practically black with a massive storm cloud, within minutes the wind had become so ferocious that there was debree flying all around the park. All the rides were shut down and as a result we lost power in the theatre meaning no first show. There was nothing anyone could do so we spent the day just waiting for the next show which went just fine.

This morning we got off to a usual start, I had a bit of a dodgy entrance as I lost balance on my front handspring and therefore lost my footing for my brief fight sequence, everything went ok but i'm sure it will have looked a little sloppy. The show carried on and we got past Nightcrawlers entrance before suddenly the lights went out. Now we've been told from previous occasions that the lighting is linked with the special effects and once the lighting has reset the pyros and FX simply wont work. We carried on for a few seconds before the soundtrack stopped and we heard our techie calling the show off. Now in England this probably would have lead to a lot of boo-ing from the crowd but German audiences are a bit more respectful than that so they all left without making any fuss.
The second show went well except for Gambit's rising flame grill which got stuck on it's way up and consequently didn't fire (thank god for some of the failsafes we have). Talk of sabotage has quietened down as we now have a heavy security prescence at the theatre but the question of "was it ever sabotage in the first place" is still in a lot of peoples minds. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

It's my day off tomorrow so I intend to have a few beers tonight and chill out all day. Lovely :-)


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