Sunday, 4 July 2010

Alrighty then.

Hello all, update time.

So things have been going pretty well of recent, the weather was really becoming a factor towards the end of last week. This current heatwave has meant that we're tiring out during shows and risking dehydration, particularly those in muscle suits which are essentially padded duvets. No-one has fallen foul of dehydratiuon or exhaustion yet though.

Yesterday I received the employee of the month award which was nice, I got a big mirage entertainment bag and a bottle of Bishops Finger ale, which our show manager had to go to an English shop in Koln to buy. Much appreciated.

First two shows today went very well. The park are doing a promotional day, something to do with one of the German bank groups. The second show today was specifically for people utilising this deal and they got a warm-up guy to get the audience cheering before the show. The crowd were very good and we got a very long round of applause at the end of the show.

However, when I went to reset my lamp-post I noticed that the safety cable attaching it to the set has become severely frayed, to the point that I refuse to use it again until it is replaced. So we were left to devise an alternative, someting that got glossed over when we first mentioned it. After a quick discussion about options it seems the best thing to is climb my way over that part of the set to a nearby ladder. To make it look a little more exciting i'll be jumping from quite high up the ladder into a shoulder roll (I knew that Parkour training would come in useful one day!)

So we'll see how it goes, hopefully it wont be long before the cable is replaced, tomorrow is my day off so if I do break my leg it can have a day to heal :-P

Bye for now!!!

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